Vishwambhara’s Mud Fight Sequence Is Stunner!

Megastar Chiranjeevi is not taking huge breaks as they have already locked the release date of the upcoming magnum opus “Vishwabhara” for Sankranthi 2024. Going by the glimpse video that was released during the title reveal, the film is a fantasy action thriller set in various worlds. Here’s an interesting snippet about the ongoing shoot of the film.

Currently, Megastar is filming extensive action sequences in specially erected forest set in Ramoji Film City. There are two unique things to notice about this sunning fight scene with one being the fact that Megastar Chiranjeevi is not even using a body double for the shoot. The second one is that, the fight happens in dust, mud, and water, and throughout the scene, Chiranjeevi and other fighters are covered with full of wet-mud only. For a realistic look, they have created mud from real sand, and used it every day, though it will create some uneasiness for the actors and fighters to shoot.

Some insiders revealed that the action sequence came out quite stunningly, outshining the mud fight sequences that Tollywood has carved earlier. Directed by Vassisht Mallidi of Bimbisara fame, Vishwambhara will have amazing computer graphics that would blend the best work of Chiranjeevi with terrific visuals.

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