Prakash Raj is one of the most controversial south star and these statements of the actor are proof

Prakash Raj is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema and he has proved his versatility in every film. But over the years he has listed himself to be one of the controversial South artists. Usually, South Indian artists do not indulge in any controversy and keep themselves away from the internet hullabaloo, but the Singham actor is different. There have been times when he has taken direct and indirect jibes of the current scenario in India and has faced criticism. On his birthday today, a look at times when Prakash Raj became a topic of discussion for his point of view Also Read – Before Prakash Raj over Chandrayaan 3, netizens demanded arrest of THESE celebs 

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Prakash Raj was massively trolled for his post on Chandrayaan 3 Also Read – Prakash Raj heavily slammed for his ‘first picture from Moon’ post, netizens say, ‘shameful to mock ISRO’

The Wanted actor had posted a picture of a man in a lungi and shirt pouring coffee and wrote it was the first view from Chandrayaan. This post wasn’t liked by a large section of the people and they felt it was an insult. Later Prakash Raj fell in legal trouble for the same as an FIR was lodged against him for the same.

Protest against Prakash Raj for anti-Hindu remark
This same post over Chandrayaan was seen as an objection and an anti-Hindu remark. The protest was held outside Prakash Raj’s house where he justified himself and said,” They say I am anti-Hindu but I say I am anti-Modi, anti-Amit Shah, and anti-Hegde”.

Prakash Raj’s strong stand on imposing Hindi language on him
There was a time when the Singham actor alleged imposing Hindi on him being a Kannada frog where he claimed that he didn’t know how to speak Hindi and nobody could impose it on him. In his viral tweet he had mentioned,” He wrote, “My origin, my mother tongue is Kannada. If you insult that and impose your language, I will protest. Are you threatening me?”

He further wrote, “I speak 7 languages. Learning and speaking a language means respecting its people. I have learned every language of the people I work with. I do not impose my language on anyone. But If you insult my language and impose your language on me, I will protest.”

Prakash Raj claimed no one wants to work with him due to his politics

The actor had claimed in his interview that due to his point of view on politics his work is getting affected, “It is getting affected. Now, some people don’t work with me not because they have been told not to. But because they are worried ‘they’ may not approve. I am strong and rich enough to lose all that. I always feel my fear will be somebody’s power.”

Lately, Prakash Raj made more noise with his controversies than cinema.

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