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Why? Well, recently numerous celebrities were called out after allegedly using… you guessed it… AI.

According to Devan Leos, (co-founder of their platform has seen an uptick in “celebrity users,” following stars getting called out for making posts online that were allegedly generated by AI bots.

“Now, even if (celebs) do use AI, they’ll be Undetectable.” So if you use AI to write posts, but don’t want people to know, lets you hide it.

Celebrity Rapper Flagged By Detectors

Two days after last Christmas, a popular rapper posted an apology on social media –– but people were quick to call it out as seeming AI-generated.

Apparently, some online sleuths ran his apology through AI detection tools and the apology posted by the celeb came up as AI-generated.

The irony? is like the ultimate double agent –– it can spot AI text and flip the script to turn AI-detected text into human-detected text.

According to Undetectable CEO Christian Perry “If you use, most AI detectors will see your AI-generated text as human written, and so it’s obviously possible for detectors to be wrong.”

The apology was scanned through’s AI detector, and the results were interesting…

The results…?

According to the AI detector, the celeb apology was flagged as a “50% chance of AI-detection likelihood.”

But did the rapper use AI?  While some so-called AI detectors seem to think so, we can’t say for sure.

The popular rapper isn’t the only celeb suspected of using these programs, and it should be noted that studies and tests have been conducted that show AI detectors are not always accurate, with people reportedly getting falsely accused of using AI.

With celebrities being in the limelight every iota of movement is analyzed, and while using AI generators can save people tons of time, some people online have stated their opinion is that using these bots shows fakery on the part of the celebs.

And now celebrities (or their publicists?) are quickly signing up for apparently.

While the ethics of AI are still a hot topic, there are currently many using it.

What Celebs Are Using

“I can’t reveal names, but we do have top tier US-based and global celebrity users, and have specifically seen an uptick in traffic after others were accused of using [AI technology],” says Undetectable AI co-founder Devan Leos.

As far as naming names? “We’ll never do that,” Devan declares, “a big part of using is privacy.”

But according to Leos, it’s not just about actually hiding the use of AI. “Even if you didn’t use AI, if people think you did, your reputation could be questioned, especially in the context of posting an apology online.”

“Sometimes, detection tools can be wrong, and real human writing can get flagged. Maybe some of these people did use AI, maybe some didn’t,” says Devan Leos, “But whoever did, hopefully they’ll be undetectable next time.”

How To Use AI Without Getting Caught

To bypass AI detectors, people can use as an easy and efficient tool that guarantees it will make your text appear human.

Simply copy and paste your text into their AI-text humanizer tool, click humanize, and your AI-generated essays, articles, (or apologies) will be completely undetectable as AI content, and instead appear to be human-written words.

How To Detect AI-Generated Text

By using an AI content detector, people can scan texts to see if they have signs of AI. definitely has the best free AI detector, because it provides users with paid AI detection models all in one place. You can see the results of AI detection likelihoods from other detectors for free, all in one place on the website. And if your text gets detected as AI? Simply use the humanizer to remove detection.

PR fixers and power brokers had long figured out how to erase tinsel-town trysts & midnight toots from Hollywood history––yet erasing the AI from “I’m sorry” statements was deemed an impossible task… That is until started gaining popularity.

Suddenly this new method was discovered, and now the who’s who in Hollywood can finally chill, knowing that no more AI will be detected ever again! *wow*

The AI apology trend is on the rise, with big-time celebs possibly hitting ‘ctrl+c’ + ‘ctrl+v’ on their sorry statements.

The plot thickens, the bots slicken, and alongside its founders plays hero to the stars, offering a potential digital cloak of invisibility and guarantee of authenticity.

So, will the next celeb “oopsie” pass the human test, or will it be a clever trick of the algorithm? Only time –– and maybe – will tell.

One thing’s for sure:

In Hollywood’s game of hide-and-seek with authenticity, the bots are winning, and celebs might be keeping their lips zipped while letting AI do the quips.

Whether it’s a celeb rapper’s alleged ‘half-bot’ heart-to-heart, or another A-lister’s coded contrition, this saga of synthetic apologies wagers that La La Land is turning into an AI-am sorry Land.

Then again, these detectors might be making wrong judgments –– after all, can clearly fool them.

Will you join in on the hunt to try and detect and decode who’s really behind the apologies –– man or machine? Or will you join the people, including celebs, who are using now?

Let us know and stay tuned as we cover the latest AI-celeb scandals, trends, and happenings…

Oh and to the publicists out there, if you’re gonna use AI, you might wanna keep it a little more hush-hush next time.. maybe even… very-much…. Undetectable.

However, in a world where we’re trying to use AI as a silver bullet against AI, maybe we can’t trust anything anymore.

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