Adhurs 2 – Making It Happen Is No Joke

Adhurs is one of the iconic films in Jr NTR’s career. V V Vinayak directed the action drama, which is known especially for NTR’s portrayal of Chari. Even to date, the comedy scenes in the film have repeat value. The way NTR portrayed the role will be remembered as one of the best performances in his career.

Time and again, there have been requests from his fans to make Adhurs 2. But even director V V Vinayak has said it is impossible to make the sequel keeping NTR’s massive pan-India image in mind. The same topic was raised once again at the event of Geethanjali Malli Vacchindi.

Writer Kona Venkat, who penned the story and dialogues for Adhurs, was asked the same. Kona Venkat said he would go on a hunger strike in Chari’s getup and make sure NTR okays the project, Adhurs 2. This statement of his got a massive cheer from the audience at the event.

But keeping reality in check, Chari is a character with proper Telugu nativity. Also, NTR has a pan-India image after RRR and all his films will be dubbed in Hindi as well. So, making Ahdurs 2 with NTR is practically impossible.

All those who listened to Kona Venkat feel that he might have talked about the film to regain nostalgia or create a viral moment for his film Geethanjali Malli Vacchindi, but his making Adhurs 2 with NTR is not going to materialize anytime soon.

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